LA Derby Dolls' Featured Neighborhood Org: St. Baldrick's Foundation

This bout’s featured neighborhood organization is one that is bringing attention to a childhood cancer by encouraging others to shave their heads in solidarity. We can get behind the shedding light on a great cause with an attention getting methods so we are excited to partner with them during our September 24th bout!

St. Baldrick's Foundation began in 2000 as a challenge between friends, now it is the largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants. Its signature head-shaving events, where volunteers get bald to stand in solidarity with kids with cancer and raise money to support lifesaving research are coordinated worldwide. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation believes that kids are special and deserve to be treated that way. St. Baldrick’s funds are granted to some of the most brilliant childhood cancer research experts who are working to find cures and better treatments for all childhood cancers. Kids need treatments as unique as they are – and that starts with funding research just for them.

Currently only 4% of federal funding (National Cancer Institute) is solely dedicated to childhood cancer research. As the largest private funder of childhood cancer research St. Baldrick’s are everything they can to help close this funding gap. If more people join them in the fight it will help to close the gap sooner!

To help raise more more towards childhood cancer research; DTLA Shaves for the Brave is happening September 25 at Casey’s Irish pub. Come join the St. Baldrick’s foundation, and their honored kids Aiden K. and Lily B. as well as the amazing shavees from 12 pm to 4pm. There are currently 10 brave women and 11 brave men shaving their heads in honor of childhood cancer.  Event info.

You can find out more information about the organization and their DTLA event at the Tough Cookies vs Varsity Brawlers bout. Stop by their booth in our vendor village to find out more!

Connect with St. Baldrick's
Let them know you case with hashtags #StBaldricks #KidsAreGold



Featured Neighborhood Organization: Inner-City Arts

The Derby Dolls are so lucky to have our community support us, we couldn’t play roller derby without the wonderful fans and Los Angeles community! We love to also support our neighbors and fellow community organizations, so we are happy to have the opportunity to feature other neighborhood organizations doing great work.
This week’s featured neighborhood organization is Inner-City Arts - an organization dedicated to engaging young people in the creative process in order to shape a society of creative, confident and collaborative individuals.
They offer a variety of visual arts & performing arts classes to children grades K-12, and Professional Development for Teachers, Educators, and Graduate Students. Located in the Art’s District of Downtown Los Angeles, Inner-City Arts programs are available to students as part of 7 or 8 week sessions through LA Unified School District or  local charter schools as well as afterschool and weekend classes for middle and high school students.
Through a wealth of partnerships with professional art teachers as well as companies such as; Boeing, Dreamworks, Sundance NEXTFEST, J. Paul Getty Museum, The Broad, and Geffen Playhouse, Inner-City Arts is able to offer a range of programs to excite and educate Los Angeles's young people! 

In October Inner- City Arts will be hosting the 2016 Imagine Awards Saturday, October 15th. More information and tickets can be found here. If you are interested in helping them achieve their mission you can find additional information on their website.

The Derby Dolls have so many members with backgrounds in the arts, encouraging the continuation of art programs to develop our community is something we are thrilled to support! Inner-City Arts will be at our September 10th bout, stop by their booth in our vendor village to learn more about their programs.
All images belong to Inner-City Arts




Win Tickets to March Radness! 

Long time March RADness attendee Goody Two Skates is generously donating a skater pass to one lucky winner! 

If you weren't sure if you would be able to attend, now is your opportunity to learn from the best in flat and banked roller derby while enjoying sunny SoCal winter (it's 75 degrees right now!).
  • Share a picture you love from roller derby (even better if it's banked track!)
  • Tag us in it: @laderbydolls and include the hashtags #derbydolls and #marchradness to be entered!
  • Double entry if you share a picture on Facebook AND Instagram
We will be announcing a winner on Monday February 29th so keep your eyes peeled to our Facebook and Instagram to see who the lucky attendee will be! 
Can't wait to see everyone's favorite roller derby pictures!!
Tickets Include:
  • Learn banked and flat track roller derby skills and strategy.
  • Work hard, meet awesome people, and have an unforgettable derby experience!
  • Have an opportunity to skate an LA Derby Dolls public, banked track bout before a crowd of roaring fans!
  • Exclusive 2016 March RADness T-shirt.
  • Ticket to the March RADness Exhibition bout, a one-of-a-kind match, not to be missed!


What is March RADness?

Hosted by the LA Derby Dolls, this 4 day event features world-renowned roller derby athletes leading training sessions on both the flat and banked tracks. Up your roller derby game with training from Gotham Girls Roller Derby All Stars Bonnie Thunders and OMG WTF; Texas Rollergirls’ Jackie Daniels and Smarty Pants; and, Rose City Rollers’  Mercy—all of whom will be training at March Radness, alongside the LA Derby Dolls superstar training team including Jackie Nimble, Mental Skate and Napollyanna Dynomight.

March RADness culminates in an Exhibition Bout where elite skaters from across the country join forces with the LA Derby Dolls to bring our fans a mixed-team bout that can only happen at the Dollosseum—where only one team can make it out victorious!





Made popular by Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is a chance for girls to shower their friends in love! In classic Knope form, she takes all of her girl friends out for a meal of waffles and gives them each a handmade present that celebrates each of her friends.


The Knope spirit of Galentine’s Day is alive and well here at the Dollosseum. Grab your favorite girlfriends, share a waffle, and make your way to the track for a Galentastic event! The 2015 champions, the Varsity Brawlers open the home season against the Fight Crew, who have just drafted the notorious Bombshell Betty back to their ranks!!! It’s going to be a purple and red explosion of excitement!


Need a fun way to invite your friends out?! WE HAVE A SOLUTION! Download our roller derby themed Galentine’s cards and give them as an invitation out this Saturday, February 13th.


Tickets are available online and at the door. We can’t wait to see you there!


LA Derby Dolls Roller Derby ValentinesLA Derby Dolls Roller Derby Valentines




 Roller Derby Valentine



 Roller Derby Valentine Hip Check



Roller Derby Valentine Booty



 Roller Derby Valentine




Skater Spotlight: Shank Solo


LADD: What is your team name and who are the captains and coaches?

SS: In keeping with the Sith vs. Jedi theme, we are the "Death Starlets.” Jägerbomb and Kitcat Go Boom are our coaches. The Slayer and Patty Juke AKA The RawKing Dead are our amazing and dedicated captains. 

LADD: What is the story behind your derby name and number?

SS: So this really plays me out to be a huge nerd but I largely credit my Star Wars geek of a husband for my derby name. Shank Solo is essentially Han Solo’s grittier and more Sith-esque doppelgänger. My derby number, 1300, is an abridged version of YT-1300, the model number of the Millennium Falcon. (Waiving my nerd flag) 

LADD: How long have you been with the league and did you have any skating experience prior to coming to LADD?

SS: I’ve been in Fresh Meat since February of 2015, but I started in the Derby Por Vida program in November 2014. I honestly had not worn a pair of skates in over 15 years before taking my first DPV class and was initially very impressed by my body’s muscle memory. While I was able to skate on a flat surface with ease, there were plenty of skills that I lacked when first joining DPV. The DPV trainers are amazing at developing the basic skills of novice skaters before moving into Fresh Meat. 

LADD: What made you decide to join Fresh Meat?  How did you hear about us?

SS: A friend (Madam Blood’ll Fly) asked me to join in on the DPV classes she was taking. I had a very limited understanding of roller derby at the time and it took me a while to figure out what the heck was really happening during jams. Because of my initial ignorance, I committed myself to learning the game and attended the program from November through early February, when Fresh Meat tryouts were scheduled. While I was hesitant to tryout due to my lifelong fear of failure, I figured I’d give it a shot and made it. 

LADD: Are you a part of any committees within the league?

SS: I am part of the Door Committee, which functions under Events. We’re a small committee of three and handle all sales and check-ins at the door during every bout. While it tends to be a little hectic at the start of each bout, it’s a great way to meet and welcome all of our derby supporters.

LADD: Who are the seasoned meat on your team?

SS: We are very lucky to have some bad-ass Sub-poolers and seasoned meat on our team. Our amazing ladies from Sub-pool are: Breaker Thighs, Carmen Monoxide, Draft Punk, and Brooklyn Deck-her. Their advice has been invaluable during our training. My appreciation for their experience is beyond words. I am also incredibly grateful to our seasoned meat who have at least one other BDB under their belts: MJ Thrasher, Patty Juke AKA The RawKing Dead, Black Acid Vaseline, The Slayer and Mary Pop-ems. 

LADD: What is it like working with Jägerbomb and Kitcat?

SS: Jäger and Kitcat are amazing and balance each other out so well. Jäger is a firecracker and does anything and everything to light a fire under our butts. Plus, she’s all about positive reinforcement and grants us stickers for our good work. Kitcat is very calm and methodical in her approach to coaching. She breaks down skills and drills to ensure that we are able to execute them during game play. Both coaches are kick-ass and receptive to our questions and needs. 

LADD: How big of a Star Wars fan are you?  What did you think of The Force Awakens?  (No spoilers)

SS: My husband is a huge Star Wars nerd and got me into the whole franchise. We secretly own more Star Wars paraphernalia than any normal person should ever possess. Regarding The Force Awakens, it was entertaining and honored the original films (pre-JarJar disaster). I am also excited to see a strong female lead, but wished the movie was not so influenced by Disney’s “wholesome" undertone. (I hope I didn’t make some enemies with that last comment)

LADD: Share with us a secret that few people know about you.

SS: Here’s a weird one for y’all. During my brief run as an only child, I had 10 imaginary siblings. I creeped out one of my cousins when I disclosed this information to her. 

LADD: What would you tell someone reading this now who is thinking about trying out for Fresh Meat?

SS: If your heart is in it, DO IT! 

LADD: What particular skating skills have been the most challenging to perfect?

SS: I’m pushing myself towards improving as a jammer. There is so much going on during a jam and it’s very easy to have tunnel vision. It’s an intimidating position for me, but I intend to be a ruthless yet graceful jammer one day.

LADD: What is your favorite part about being a part of this league?

SS: Joining this league has been one of the most transformative things that I have ever done for myself. Before LADD, I never participated in team sports or considered myself to be an athlete, or even athletic for that matter. This league has afforded me a space to transform the relationship that I have with myself and others. Without the Derby Dolls, I would have never identified myself as an athlete or as physically strong. I am infinitely thankful to all of the LADD community that has worked tirelessly to make the league what it is today so that it can continue to instill growth and positivity in women. 

LADD: Do you have a derby mentor?  What did they help you with?

SS: Jäger has been incredibly supportive since I returned to Fresh Meat from an injury. She very patiently worked with me to transition back into skating and gave me honest and invaluable advice. The woman is a saint because I was terrified when I put my gear on for the first time. I’m super thankful to have her as a coach for the Baby Doll Brawl.  

LADD: You mentioned owning a lot of Star Wars paraphernalia... what particular piece are you most proud of owning?

SS: We own some pretty cool Star Wars artwork that we’re pretty proud of. 

LADD: For someone who has never seen a Star Wars movie and plans to see The Force Awakens, what order would you recommend they see the movies in (prequels are optional)?

SS: Definitely start with A New Hope and work your way through Return of the Jedi. It’ll give you all the context you need for The Force Awakens. There’s no need to subject yourself through countless hours of superfluous CGI with the prequels. That’s why we have Wikipedia plot synopses.