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Please be sure to check out our FAQ's. If you still have questions, feel free to use one of the below email addresses to contact us or use the contact form located at the bottom of the page:


General Questions For general information or if you do not know which department to send an email to. questions@derbydolls.com
Door Crew For ticket information, prices, group sales, times, etc. door@derbydolls.com
Season Tickets For questions & information about season ticket packages. seasontickets@derbydolls.com
Photos For camera or photo related questions (not media or PR). photos@derbydolls.com
Fresh Meat For information on how to become a Derby Doll. freshmeat@derbydolls.com
Interleague For interleague information regarding questions, practice, or to schedule a bout. interleague@derbydolls.com
Refs For information on how to become a ref. refs@derbydolls.com
Partnerships For information on how to become an official partner of the LA Derby Dolls. partnerships@derbydolls.com
Vendors For information on how to sell stuff at our games. vendors@derbydolls.com
Public Relations For information on how to interview the LA Derby Dolls (Member of the media). pr@derbydolls.com
Bands For information on how to play at our games. bands@derbydolls.com
Merch For general information about LA Derby Dolls merchandise. merch@derbydolls.com
Art For information about LA Derby Dolls graphics. art@derbydolls.com
Research And Development For information about our audio, visual, and technical production team. rad@derbydolls.com
Community Service For general information about our various community service programs. communityservice@derbydolls.com
Junior Derby Dolls For information on how to join or support the LA Junior Derby Dolls. jrderby@derbydolls.com
Web For questions or information about the LA Derby Dolls website. web@derbydolls.com

Wanna get in touch the old-fashioned way? Write us at:

Kittyfight Productions Inc.
2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #402
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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